Bottega is one of my favorite lunch spots in Napa. I have been eating here since the day it opened and have never had anything less than a perfect meal.  I have also had everything on the menu with the exception of recently added items, every single thing was made to perfection and was above expectations. I am finding it a little bit more challenging of late to get reservations for dinner without calling two to three weeks in advance, lunch I seem to get lucky and they always accommodate me within a matter of five to ten minutes. I am not seeing chef Chiarello there as often as I used to, but when I do see him, he always makes his rounds to the tables and always greets his patrons like an old friend, he is quite the gentleman and one heck of a talented chef. Sorry for the lack of pictures of the food, they were blurry beyond recognition, I will do better next time I am there, a week from Friday.

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